Thomas Joiner Training - Why People Die

Date / Times

This Event starts on Jun 27 2019 10:00am and runs until Jun 27 2019 04:30pm


1825 SW Broadway
Portland , Oregon 97201


Please Join The Oregon College and University Suicide Prevention Project (OCUSPP) for a: 

 Thomas Joiner Training: 

Why People Die 

On: June 27th from 10:00-4:30pm 

At:  Portland State University 

Cost: $50-$125 

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What you will learn:  

In his new theory of suicidal behavior, Thomas Joiner proposes three factors that mark those most at risk of death: the feeling of being a burden on loved ones; the sense of isolation; and, perhaps chillingly, the learned ability to hurt oneself. He tests the theory against diverse facts taken from clinical anecdotes, history, literature, popular culture, anthropology, epidemiology, genetics, and neurobiology— and facts about suicide rates among diverse groups. 

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Training learning objectives:
- to review basic facts about the epidemiology and risk factors for death by suicide
- to learn about a new theory of suicidal behavior
- to learn about anecdotal, clinical, and scientific evidence that evaluates this new theory
- to learn about approaches to suicide risk assessment
- to learn about developments in the treatment of suicidal behavior
- to learn about developments in suicide prevention
- to understand the experience of people who are bereaved by suicide