A Message from the Dallas High School Student Mary Kate

"I think this video is important because it's important for people to know that it's okay to be struggling. Not only that, but it's okay to tell people that you are struggling. It's okay to feel stuck. Social media is such a great thing but at the same time it can feel like we are the only people in the world who are struggling, surrounded by "happy" people with their "happy" lives. 

I want to see people's struggles, spreading hope that its okay to be struggling. I want to feel encouraged by others knowing they are struggling but they will be alright and make it through. I want to be reminded that it's okay to feel stuck and feel like you can't make it through. I think that this video captures that message exactly.

I hope that people take away from the video that they don't have to keep up with trying to be happy or good all the time. I hope it encourages people to talk to their friends or anyone else they are comfortable with. Feeling stuck or feeling alone hurts. But there are people who are about you and even though it doesn't always feel like you will make it, one day it will all make sense again. You don't have to pretend anymore. It's okay to not be okay, and its okay to need help."

Need Someone To Talk To?

Call the Oregon Youthline at 1-877-968-8491 or text TEEN2TEEN to 839-863

Call the National Suicide Prevention LIfeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Dallas High School Students

Call the Central High School Counseling Center at 503-831-1975

Help Someone You Know

1. Attend a Suicide Prevention Workshop

2. Learn the Warning Signs

3. Know your Local Resources

4. Ask Directly about Suicide

Get More Involved in Suicide Prevention Efforts

1. Share resources on your social media platforms

2. Join the Coalition Email List

3. Participate in Local Events

This video is the product of the hard work and dedication of Dallas High School students, Talewind Visuals, and the Mid-Valley Suicide Prevention Coalition. The students have spent the last year developing the messages that they wanted to share with their peers. All students who appear in the video are DallasHigh School Students. A special thank you to Central School District and its administrators for opening their doors and giving us access to their students and facilities and to the Central Health and Wellness Center for their ongoing support of this project.